Welcome to ProcessingSEN wiki

Processing is a development platform that allows you to write software to make images, animations and interactions. It was originally developed by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry at MIT Media Lab in 2001, for the purpose of enabling visual designers and artists who weren’t programmers to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. Processing has developed into a tool which is frequently employed to produce finished professional work as well as a learning environment making it easier to learn programming techniques for creating visual applications outside of using other languages such as C, C++ or Ruby.
Based on Java, Processing has a simplified syntax which allows for an easier graphics programming platform, however its use isn't restricted to that alone.
Processing is an open-source development environment, programming language and online community. Reas and Fry have won a number of awards for their work on Processing, its appeal is now widespread and Processing remains a mainstream coding platform choice for creative work and "Generative Art".

Processing's core libraries, the code included in exported applications and applets, is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, allowing users to release their original code with a choice of license.

The IDE is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The Current Stable Release is 1.5.1, however a new version, Processing 2.0 will be due for release soon, both versions can be obtained from processing.org


The basis of this wiki is to provide a place to try out some of the applications we have written in Processing specifically for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). These applications have been designed to work on computers, "Smart" interactive boards, touchscreens and tablets as well as providing functionality where possible for using switches to increase access, for a group of our students who find ICT more difficult to engage with. We will state what they work with, in the associated instructions. Visit the Applications page to see them.

The site is run by James Winchester (@jwinchester25) and Keith Manville (@open_sen) who both work at Oak Grove College, a generic 11-19 special school in Worthing. The reason for this site is that they want to showcase some of the applications they have made. In addition we would be grateful for any feedback on the applications that we put up on the site, as this will help us develop these further and other applications for the future.

Example of Abstract Art Generator application

In addition, both of them are part of a Professional Learning Community looking into the use of Microsoft Kinect with SEN students. Here they are looking at a variety of programmes that have been developed in the open source community, as well as writing their own applications for the kinect. The PLC is being co-ordinated by Anthony Rhys (@trinityfieldsit) who works at Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre in Ystrad Mynach, Wales.